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Support your immune system and increase your energy with this powerful antioxidant. This perfect mixture you will achieve an overall sense of well-being, reduced inflammation and antiviral/antibacterial properties. Use in conjunction with chemotherapy treatments to improve tolerance and quality of life by targeting tumor cells.*


Ideal for those with:

  • Decreased oral intake

  • History of surgery or radiation to GI

  • History of malabsorption

  • Slow wound healing or infection

What's Inside: 500ml-1L

15G Vitamin C **


*Ask about use with Chemotherapy-see Tumor Blaster.

**High dose Vitamin C (15-100G) requires

bloodwork or proof of G6PD result and chemistry profile for continued use.

-Do not check/treat BS for the first 6 hours post infusion.

-Recommended at least weekly for immune support/inflammation.^

(^Inflammation therapy will be based on CRP blood work and may need more frequently dependent on personal goals).

The Pirate: High Dose Vitamin C

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