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Mobile IV Wellness Therapy

Feeling and looking good is important for everyone but it is not easy to achieve with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Research has shown that up to 75% of us are chronically dehydrated and/or nutrient deficient. Daily routine is daunting and the majority of us do not drink the right amount of water or get adequate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep us at our best.

Whether it is to avoid or to cure a hangover, you need extra or faster recovery from your workout routine, your stomach cannot handle the handful of vitamins, you stayed in the sun a bit too long, OR you just want to feel your best and fuel up on all your body's needs -

we are here for you!

Our goal at ArrIVe Hydration and Wellness is to get you feeling and looking your best by delivering on demand services directly to you.

Modern Living Room


Wherever that may be:

House, apartment, your parents, boat, hotel.....

The last thing you want to do before or after a long day at work is go to an appointment and sit in a busy waiting room. Let us help and let us come to you. Schedule a time either before, during, or after work so you can relax in the comfort of your own personal space. We will bring all the supplies with us and have you feeling refreshed in no time. 


Events & Parties

Whatever the reason:

Wedding prep or morning after, bachelorette/bachelor party, birthday, New Year's Pre/Post fun, corporate team building.....

Whether it is a night in with friends or a full blown celebration, let us help ramp up the fun. Gather pre-party for prevention or after for recovery, either way, you will be left feeling your best.

Not sure on the perfect bridal party gift - treat them to pre and/or post celebration treatments!


Executives - want your employees working at full throttle? Treat them to the rejuvenation they need and see the results for yourself. 

Sprint Runner

Sports & Fitness 

Fun, amateur, competitive

We are here to support our runners, bodybuilders, team players, and athletic enthusiasts.  Whether you work out for fun or to compete, let us help. At ArrIVe Hydration and Wellness, we know that with your busy life and intense workout schedule, getting the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals can be very difficult. Without these nutrients you will be left feeling fatigued, dehydrated, and sore for extended periods of time. Don't skip any days at the gym, on the street, or on the field.  Schedule your multivitamin and mineral bag before or after a big event OR simply after a long week of pushing yourself, to give your body what it needs to be 100%.

Your body works hard and deserves it.

sitting on plane

Busy Lifestyle

Traveling, working, stress, jet lag

We are all busy, especially here in CT, where many commute to NY, NJ, or MA for work everyday. Some even fly routinely and experience jet lag. Because we are always on the go with work, school, kids, traveling (plane/train/car/bike), exercising, traffic, it just doesn't feel like the days are long enough - especially in the winter. Because of all of this, eating a healthy diet with the right vitamins and minerals can be challenging; especially if only airport or fast food is available. 

We know how hard it can be to balance daily life with a healthy diet. Let us help you tip the balance and provide your body with all the nutrients it need.  We unfortunately cannot make your life any less busy, but we can make it less complicated; by going to you, saving your time, and helping you feel and perform your best.

Woman and White Plastic

Over Exposure

Sun, air pollution, chemicals in food

The sun and summer heat can really make you feel drained. Adding heat or sunburn to our chronic dehydrated state makes the problem much worse.

As much as we try, we do not typically consume an adequate amount of fluid or replete the nutrients lost from sweat or stress of overheating.  We are happy to come and help you recover what you have lost.

Air pollution and unwanted chemicals are something we all try to avoid but cannot escape. Not only does this limit your body's available nutrients, these harmful chemicals can build up in your body causing increased long term harm. Along with nutrient replacement, we offer Chelation therapy to rid your body from unwanted chemicals and heavy metals. 

Schedule a nutrient infusion and ask about how Chelation therapy can work for you. 


Anywhere & Anytime

ArrIVe Hydration and Wellness is available for all your IV nutrient needs. We will do our best to meet any time or area requested. 

Just pick up the phone and call us for a free short consultation and schedule an infusion with us today!  

Group discounts available:

4-6 = 10% off

7-9 = 15% off

>10 = 20% off

Discount off products not driving or after hours pricing. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

ArrIVe Hydration and Wellness wants your feeling and performing your best. We appreciate any feedback you can give us!

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