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Lyme disease is a tick-born illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi.  If you experiencing acute or chronic fever, headaches, fatigue, join pain, weakness, or skin rashes and have been diagnoses with Lyme or have concerns and a bullseye shaped rash, get treated now.*

There are 3 stages of the disease with the 3rd stage being persistent and chronic disease that can spread to your joints, heart, and nervous system. - Don't let this happen to you. Prompt treatment can help you alleviate these symptoms and return to an energized, pain-free life. 


What's Inside: 500ml


Cornucopia Myer's

Vitamin C 

High Dose Glutathione^ 


Cornucopia Myer's



1. 3x's per week for 20 treatments

2. 4x's week for 20 treatments

Infusions take 2-6 hrs ~ based on dose

*May be used in conjunction with, after antibiotic treatment, or for chronic symptoms.

^Caution with sulfur food sensitivities

Bullseye: The Lyme Protocol

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