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Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin with antioxidant properties.  it is known and proven to have the following benefits:

  • Immune system booster

  • Antiviral and Antibacterial

  • Improves tolerance to chemotherapy and increases quality of life.

  • Reduces inflammation as measured by c-reactive protein (CRP) Preferentially toxic to tumor cells and an angiogenesis inhibitor.  This means Vitamin C targets tumors and chokes off their blood supply.

  • Adjuvant to chemotherapy

Oral Vitamin C is limited by rate of absorption. Many of the benefits of high-dose IV Vitamin C are achieved through achieving high peak levels and this isn't possible orally.

Cancer patients in supportive care - such as those in the post-adjuvant or advanced and non-curative treatment settings receiving chemotherapy - and with cautious consideration patients receiving adjuvant treatment who might be experiencing symptoms that limit continuation of treatment or that interfere significantly with quality of life.

  • Those who have failed standard treatment regimens

  • Those seeking to improve the effectiveness of their standard cancer therapy those seeking to decrease the severity and carcinogenicity of side effects from standard cancer therapy

  • Those attempting to prolong their remission with health-enhancing strategies

  • Those declining standard treatment, yet wishing to pursue primary, alternative treatment.

What's Inside:*+^ 500ml-1L

High dose Vitamin C (15-75G)


Vitamin B12


*Blood work and follow up required. - Dosing based on chemistry profile.

*Continued chemotherapy and MD involvement if applicable.

+Referral encouraged but not required

^Possible oral Calcium and/or Potassium administered based on infusion frequency and lab results.


During chemotherapy and for 1-4months after;

IV C 15G-100g; 1-3xs weekly.

Radiation support 1-2x's weekly.


15g $250 infused over 1hr

30g $315 infused over 1-2 hrs

50g $375  infused over 1.5-2 hrs

75g $425 infused over 2-3 hrs

Tumor Blaster: Chemotherapy Support

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