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Need help shedding some excess pounds or breaking through your weight-loss plateau. Increase energy, detoxify your liver, burn calories, and boost your metabolism with this unique blend.  Most effective when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet. L-Cartinine included by Rx.

This drip is best if followed by a MIC+B12 and Glutathione.*


What's inside: 500ml

​ Electrolytes


 Vitamin C 



 L-Carnitine with Rx - included in price ($219 if not included)

+ Add-on Glutathione and MIC/B12 boosters


*MIC is a combo of amino acids that helps target fatty deposits, helps metabolize fat and helps to detox the liver.

-Recommended initial weekly infusions

-> biweekly -> monthly.

-MIC/B12 injections weekly

The Skinny: Weight Loss Enhancer

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