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Boosters & Pushes

Enhance your cocktail with any of these add-ons or enjoy the benefits with a single shot.

IM - Given in the muscle in the arm or the buttock.

Can get alone or with an infusion.

SQ - Given into the fatty tissues just beneath the skin.

IV - Given through the secured IV catheter as an infusion.


IVP - Single slow push of fluid, over 3-5 minutes, through a small butterfly needle in the vein


 Given at end of an infusion through the IV catheter.

Vitamin B12


Provides instant boost of energy. It treats fatigue, mood changes, muscle weakness, hormone imbalances, heart problems and neurological damage. It, also, assists with the formulation of red blood cells and helps with memory, mood, nervous system, iron levels, heart health, hair, nails, skin, and energy.




Healthy hair, skin, and nails.  Helps convert food into energy and manage blood sugar levels.


Vitamin C 

Starts at $50

Boosts immune system and helps brighten skin.

(Pricing dose dependent)


Vitamin D 


Improves your mood, sleep, and concentration levels.

Vitamin D level required if want more often than monthly.


Hydration 1 Liter NS 


Tackle fast hydration and stay hydrated before a big event, after an illness, or as a pre-fast hydration for surgery to ease the after effects of fasting. 

Or just to re-fill.

Can be given alone or as an upgrade to infusion.




Get a quick energy boost.

Recommended before Vitamin C infusions, between maintenance infusions, and if have >10 alcoholic drinks per week.



Starts at $40

Acts as a natural cell defender against toxins.

Can be given up to 2-3x's per week or with each infusion.

(Pricing dose dependent)




Treats anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hypertension.

BP taken Pre and Post 




Aids in boosting immunity, wound healing, acne reduction, and  inflammation.




Pain relief + anti-inflammatory.

Great option for those post bariatric or GI surgery. 


MIC - Lipostat 


Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.

Jump start fat burn and weight loss.

Best when given with "The Skinny" infusion then weekly as maintenance. 




Ideal for athletic events.

Great option for those unable to tolerate or use high dose magnesium.

Aids in brain functioning/focus, anxiety,

muscle recovery/performance/endurance, liver disease, macular degeneration, and may slow congestive heart failure. 


Antioxidant Express 



IM-Glutathione 200mg/B-complex/B12

IVP-Glutathione 2000mg/B-complex/B12

$20 savings


Tri-Immune Boost 


Includes: Glutathione/Vitamin C/Zinc

Ultimate immune defense in 1 shot.

$25 savings

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

Mix and match boosters.

>3 take 10% off*

>5 take 15% off*

>8 take 20% off*

*Must be paid in advance to get discount.

Don't want to make a commitment?

Get every 10th one FREE!  (of equal value)

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